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A Ride Social meet in Calderdale
A Ride Social meet in Calderdale

Saddle up for some sociable bike rides around Brighouse with the new Ride Social in Calderdale initiative.

Ride Social gives people the chance to get together and cycle for fun, at a place and time that suits them.

The free online service enables people to link with like-minded cyclists and join unlimited groups and rides in their area. With numerous dates, distances, durations and maps already on the site, people are able to choose the group and ride most suited to them.

Cyclists are also encouraged to set up their own cycling groups and start creating public or private rides at a level to suit them.

With over 250 cyclists and 50 different routes already in Calderdale, there are lots of opportunities for people to discover different routes.

A 25-mile History and Heritage ride takes place on Sunday, August 30 at 10pm, meeting at Woodvale office park, Woodvale Road, past Brighouse swimming pool, and riding up through Queensbury.

Helen Webster, British Cycling’s recreation manager for Calderdale, said: “The beauty of Ride Social rides are that they can be whatever you want them to be, because they’re organised by the public. There are hundreds of user-created rides already available or you can share your own.”

Calderdale Council’s cabinet member for communities, Coun Steve Sweeney, said: “Ride Social is perfect for people looking to meet other cyclists for rides, explore new routes and improve your riding.”