Sharp card players raise cash for good cause

editorial image

Here we have four of the sharpest card players from the Brighouse Inner Wheel, playing cards in the Central Methodist Church. What is the world coming to ..... Hang on a minute, it’s all in a good cause. These are four of the ladies that took part in the Brighouse Inner Wheel Charity Bridge Drive. The ladies from left to right are: Mrs Margaret Gooder; Mrs Margaret Sykes; Mrs Celia Mitchell and Mrs Judith Poole. Posing with a full hand of cards for this photograph on February 14, 1995.

I have played in whist drives, beetle drives but whilst not being a bridge player I was not aware these charity raising games also included the playing of bridge drives. Looking through the internet I see that charitable bridge drives are still very popular.

For those not familiar with Inner Wheel, it is the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland which is an all female organisation and has three main objectives: to promote true friendship, to encourage the ideals of personal service, and to foster international understanding.

This nationwide organisation is involved in a number of charitable projects and the ladies in this photograph taken 20 years ago are all supporting those aims.