School sets wheels in motion to buy a minibus

Rastrick High School sudents collect coins for their Silver Jubilee appeal.
Rastrick High School sudents collect coins for their Silver Jubilee appeal.

STUDENTS at Rastrick High School have set the wheels in motion to buy a new mini bus.

The New Year campaign to raise £10,000 for a new school minibus was given a boost by students who took part in the Silver Line challenge. The pupils were asked to collect as much loose silver change as possible for the grand final when lines of silver were laid out in the gym with prizes for the longest lines and the most money raised.

The challenge raised £586 and the winners were form 8/1 and Mr Sam Walker who raised over £60 and had the longest line which doubled back over the width of the sports hall.

The campaign is part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations taking place at the school.

Head teacher, Helen Lennie, said while they will still continue to raise money for charities and good causes, they felt that their 25th anniversary year was a time to raise some funds for the school.

“Students are also beginning to get their ideas together for the ‘Double Your Money Silver Jubilee £25 Challenge’. As part of the whole school campaign, each form group will be able to draw down £25 to launch their own fund-raising campaign. Prizes will go to the forms who raise the most for the Silver Jubilee Minibus Appeal.

“It is five years since we last had a major fund-raising campaign for Rastrick High School and as we are only averagely funded as a school, we need to make a special effort to raise funds to benefit current and future students.

“We hope that everyone in our community will feel able to support this special fund-raising campaign.”

A series of events and activities will be held at the school over the next couple of months and thermometers will be used to monitor the campaigns progress.

A Christmas raffle organised by staff raised £300 towards the campaign and the school would like to thank Czerwiks who donated the raffle prizes.