Scars and stripes hit for touring rockers

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THE success of a Yorkshire band featuring a guitarist from Lightcliffe shows no sign of letting up as they continue their USA tour.

Stuart Nichols from acoustic indie rockers Scars on 45 has now left his job at British Gas after six years.

The five piece is currently in the US for three months touring with American singer Marc Broussard.

Stuart said that the band was getting the chance to do what they loved and at the same time seeing something of America.

“The audiences have been giving us a great welcome and Marc and his crew have been taking us all under their wings. This is our first major tour so we are making sure we enjoy every minute of it.

“Everyone who knows us personally knows how hard we have worked to get to where we are today.”

The band had previously toured the United States earlier this year where they had great success with their hit single ‘Give Me Something’ in the Billboard’s Triple A radio chart, the equivalent to the radio charts in the UK.

“The success has been overwhelming. The EP was first released in January and we just expected it to be an introduction of Scars On 45, we thought maybe a few radio stations might start playing it.

“The single entered the top 30 and then slowly started creeping up every week - we couldn’t believe it would eventually peak at number three.”

Stuart is also in constant contact with his wife Caire and his two children, Maisy, seven, and Betsy (22 months) who will be flying out this month to see him perform at some festivals.

“It’s difficult being away from them as you would imagine I miss them like crazy. She’s amazing holding the fort at home whilst I’m in America. They are proud of the success and this is a once in a life time chance for us all to potentially change our lives for the better,” said Stuart.