Safety group condemns short cut drivers

DRIVERS taking a shortcut around Thornton Square have been condemned by a road safety watchdog.

Members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee were told how drivers use the wrong side of the roundabout outside the former town hall, often across the grass verge.

Councillor Graham Hall reported how he saw one vehicle drive over the pavement outside the former Design 55 shop and on to Briggate at 6.30 in the morning.

The incidents caused great concern to members of the safety group.

Chairwoman Ann Rutherford asked the councillors about the scheme to change the traffic flow into a one-way route with drivers turning right at the bottom of Market Street in front of the Town Hall which were put forward in 2007.

The traffic order which was passed more than four years ago will introduce parking spaces in front of the Town Hall including disabled spaces and additional disabled spaces will be created on the far side of Thornton Square.

Double yellow lines will be introduced at the bottom end of Market Street to create more room for vehicles turning right.

The changes were asked to be made to the area when the roundabout was constantly damaged by large vehicles.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said: “The scheme is on a waiting list with highways to be done. But because it is not a major priority other jobs are getting done first.”

Complaints have been made about the number of blue badge holders parking on the edge of Thornton Square which force larger delivery vehicles on to the grass.