Safety fears over bus stop

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RESIDENTS fear that a proposed extension to paving at a bus stop outside their homes could result in a serious accident.

People living in Wakefield Road, Bailiff Bridge, just out of the village centre, are appealing against the decision to extend seven metres of paving for a bus stop into the road causing it to be narrowed.

They say it will cause more traffic problems and be a danger to residents using a driveway opposite the stop.

Nicola Shepherd, who lives next to the bus stop, said very few people were informed about the plans and they are not getting the full picture of problems they could face.

“Neighbours may think it’s only going to affect us but when we are parking outside their houses or on the opposite side of the street then there is going to be some friction,” she said.

“I don’t believe the council know how bad the road is and if they make changes it will just cause havoc.

“We already leave a gap for the bus and park outside our own homes whenever possible.”

The original 38 meters of parking restrictions has been reduced and Calderdale council engineering technician Chris Feeley said he understood the concerns of the residents.

However, the council have a duty to ensure more vulnerable pedestrians can access the bus safely due to the bus not able to align adjacent to the kerb edge.

“We have proposed to install a build out which would provide the absolute minimum disruption to the residents,” he said. “This would cause the least amount of disruption to residents and would only remove one parking space.”

A petition has been started to prevent the building work from going ahead.

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