Safety campaigners team up to tackle road concerns

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Road safety campaigners are joining forces to tackle concerns along a major route linking Brighouse and Elland.

Brighouse Road Safety Committee is looking to work with its counterparts in Elland to examine the safety aspects along Elland Road.

Ann Rutherford, chairwoman of the Brighouse committee, said she was amazed that there have not been more accidents.

“It’s frightening the speed motorists travel along the road. There are also a huge amount of cyclists who use the road.”

Coun Howard Blagborough (Con, Brighouse), speaking at the Brighouse ward forum, said that it is also down to the drivers themselves and their behaviour and they should think about other people using the road.

At its recent meeting the Brighouse committee agreed that it wished to see the speed limit on Elland Road, Brighouse, reduced to 40 miles per hour throughout the whole length of the road.

Gordon Landall, chairman of the Elland and District Road Safety Group, said its members agreed with their Brighouse colleagues that some action is needed and were waiting for the results of a study due to be carried out by the police and Calderdale Council.

“By the nursery and the cafe there has always been a problem,” he said.

“At that part of the road it does get narrow due to the cars parked at the side of the road. It results in a single lane of traffic and there have been accidents in the past along Park Road. We are in favour of reducing the speed of the road.

“There are lots of reasons why the road should not be 50mph but at this moment in time we will wait for the police and the council to come back.

“They have agreed to have a look at it and report back to me and we will see what comes of it.”