Runners raise cash for charity

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RUNNERS from Brighouse have been pounding the streets to raise money for charity in the Great North Run.

Rastrick student Connor Michaels finished the 13 miles run in 2hours, five minutes to raise money for the Meningitis Trust. His cousin, Amelia, from Hull, suffered from sickle cell amaemia and ill-health for most of her young life.

“I am really happy with my time as I tried to make the most of it, high-fiving all the children who were standing in the rain to support us that I could,” he said. “I loved the atmosphere and thought the organisation was superb. I was very glad to make the finish line just in time for the Red Arrows display as I think they are great and what a way to end the run.” The 21-year-old said he found the run easier than the 10k because it wasn’t as hot and the crowd cheered him on. “I have currently raised about £170 and would like to make £250. People can still sponsor me on”

Brighouse police sergeant Dean Maddocks and his 20-year-old daughter Alice put on their running shoes to raise cash for Aplastic Anaemia Trust support group.

Alice was diagnosed with the illness in May 2000 but was unable to find a suitable donor because her tissue type was quite rare.

The family campaigned nationally to increase the number of bone marrow donors on the British Donor Bone Marrow register including getting a commitment from the then Prime Minister Tony Blair with extra funding.

“Luckily her own body started battling back and we stopped the blood transfusions and some of the drugs that she had been on and gradually over the next few years she got her strength back and has been able to live a relatively normal life.

“She does still suffer from shortness of breath and gets infections easily. But she was very keen to do the run and raise money for the charity that has supported us over the years.”

The duo who live in Batley finished the run in 2hours and 27 minutes. “The atmosphere was electric and Alice was very excited at being involved. She had a few blisters on her feet, but was so emotional at the finish. I am very proud of her for what she has achieved. She has raised nearly £1,000 for the charity which supports families and research into the illness,” said Sgt Maddocks.

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Calvin Lee, 23, from Hove Edge finished the run in 1hour and 57 minutes. The haulage route planner did the run in support of his sister’s partner, Darren Gibson, who has been waiting for a heart transplant for over a year.

Darren, aged 44, who also lives in Brighouse was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in 2004.

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