Rotarians help with Africa aid

Tony Perryman of Brighouse Rotary
Tony Perryman of Brighouse Rotary

Rotarians in Brighouse have been working hard to help the people of an African country tackle Ebola and improve their lives.

The Rotary club of Brighouse has been working with Make it Happen in Sierra Leone, where former Clifton man Michael Colin is chief executive officer, since October last year.

Terry Perryman from Rotary said: “Our goal has been to raise money for medical equipment for Sierra Leone to help alleviate the Ebola crisis. One goal was to see if we could raise sufficient funds to buy an Ambulance - always an ambitious goal.”

The group has coordinated this appeal across West Yorkshire and consequently has raised £13,000.

The Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone has provided a wish list of equipment they desperately need and the Rotary group will shortly be sourcing this equipment for distribution to the country.

“Incidentally, “Make it Happen in Sierra Leone” is a charity which builds and refurbishes schools in that country.

“As a by product of our appeal we offered a quarter of million pencils. These will be dispatched to Sierra Leone shortly. In the same container will be medical helmets provided by Yorkshire Ambulance.

“The club as ever in quiet professional manner just organises, coordinates effort that results in an extraordinary positive result for people in West Africa - a present from the generous people of West Yorkshire.

“But you know what, we have fun always helping communities here and abroad with service beyond self.”

The Rotary group now hopes there will be a continuing relationship with the charity, possibly helping with the aftermath of Ebola through education.

Make it Happen in Sierra Leone has focused upon building schools.

However, since the Ebola crisis, and because of the respect it has, the Government in Sierra Leone has asked it to help combat the disease.