Road safety worries about roundabout

Tesco roundabout in Brighouse, looking towards Bradford Road.
Tesco roundabout in Brighouse, looking towards Bradford Road.

ROAD safety concerns have been raised about the entrances to a busy Brighouse roundabout.

A new system was put in place at the bottom of Bradford Road leading to the Brighouse and Rastrick roundabout, near Tesco, to improve pedestrian safety.

But only two lanes were installed at the junction and when traffic hits the roundabout it turns into three.

Residents feel this is causing confusion about which lane motorists need to be in if they are going straight on towards the motorway or into Huddersfield. This has resulted in a number of near misses.

They also feel the road markings are not clear.

A Calderdale Council spokesperson said: “For safety reasons the central island was enlarged and the dedicated left lane for the supermarket was removed to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road. A keep clear box next to the crossing point was also added. The proximity of the bus stop clearway markings prevents further road surface destination markings from being added.

“There is not a suitably placed lighting column to accommodate a sign next to the section where the two approach lanes start, and if a sign was located on the nearside footway, the bus shelter and any high-sided vehicle would obscure visibility.”