Right plaice for chippie?

The Sun Inn, Lightcliffe.
The Sun Inn, Lightcliffe.

CHILDREN’S health could be put at risk if a fish and chip shop was allowed to go ahead at a popular pub.

CHILDREN’S health could be put at risk if a fish and chip shop was allowed to go ahead at a popular pub.

The decision to include the extension at The Sun Inn, Lightcliffe, was deferred by councillors on Tuesday following concern about the wellbeing of children in Calderdale.

Councillor Colin Raistrick (Ind, Hipp/Light) is chair of children and young people and said that one in three children were obese in Calderdale. “Members we have a very poor record of looking after our children. This is our chance to make a statement that we are really concerned about our children’s health.”

Resident Matthew Harding said there were ongoing concerns about traffic along Wakefield Road and Stoney Lane as well as speed and parking issues adding to this a business open from 9am until 11pm will only exacerbate the problem.

Agent Matthew Simmons said the pub would be providing three extra parking spaces for the take away.

Councillor Stephen Baines said: “One of the things we are pushing for is a reduction in obesity especially aimed at schoolchildren. It is going against other policies the council is pushing for with major importance.”

Councillor Martin Peel agreed: Our problem with that is we have nothing in our policy in place but an extremely important issue.”

Councillor David Hardy said it must be their first line of priority. “It would be totally irresponsible to make a decision without appropriate information from the appropriate bodies regarding health and wellbeing of our children.”

Head teacher at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School, Anthony Smith, said they had concerns with traffic and parking but the take away would not have much impact on his students. “We are very strict on lunchtime students going out.

“The fact that it is on our doorstep is the same argument whether two minutes away or five. We don’t want to encourage students but they are able to make their own choices.