Residents call for action

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A RASTRICK resident who narrowly escaped a collision, is calling for improvements to be made at the roundabout at Bridge End.

Michael Terry said he had two near misses in a matter of days at the mini roundabout as he was travelling down Bramston Street.

“I got part way across and someone came down from Bridge End. They entered the roundabout while I was on it. But if I had hit the side of him, technically, it would have been my fault. I know there was an accident there where the driver did exactly that.”

Chairman of Brighouse Road Safety Committee, Ann Rutherford, said they had contacted the council before about the situation outside The Star pub. “It is a major road giving priority to a minor road. I think it is the most stupid way it can possibly be done,” she said. “Bramston Street is the major route but technically they have to give way to cars coming down Bridge End. I agree something does need to be done about it.

“I think it is also essential that there is some kind of sign warning heavy goods vehicles coming down from the Sun Inn crossroads at the top of Rastrick about the low bridge there. The satellite navigations send the HGV drivers through the town and under the railway bridge. So why a notice saying unsuitable for HGVs can’t be put on the sign up there is beyond me.”

Resident and member Adrian Hartshorn had approached Calderdale Council’s highways department about including a small warning sign under the direction sign already present but was told it was not that easy.

It is understood that there used to be a sign at the crossroads but it vanished about ten years ago.

The council said they had agreed to look at an advance warning sign at the crossroads but no appropriate funding was made available.