Repairs due to start on Brighouse bridge following inspection

Crack in Huddersfield Road Bridge, Brighouse. Picture by Chris Marshall
Crack in Huddersfield Road Bridge, Brighouse. Picture by Chris Marshall

Divers are carrying out safety checks on the main bridge into Brighouse ahead of essential work on the structure

Concerns were growing over the condition of Huddersfield Road bridge after residents said a carck in its structure had widened following the floods in the town.

The crack in the structure has been apparent for some time but residents are now concerned that the unprecedented water levels could have caused more damage to the bridge.

However, Calderdale Council has said work will begin on the damaged bridge next week.

Councillor Tim Swift, Calderdale Council’s Leader, said: “The Council owns Huddersfield Road bridge into Brighouse and is therefore responsible for its maintenance.

“Our highways team inspected the bridge in 2013 due to a water leak from a cracked pipe within the wall of the bridge.

Brighouse Bridge, Huddersfield Road, Brighouse.

Brighouse Bridge, Huddersfield Road, Brighouse.

“Continued monitoring since then, as well as daily checks since the Boxing Day floods, show no change in the size of the crack or the condition of the wall since 2013.

“All inspections have confirmed that the bridge is safe to use.

“Work to rebuild the wall, which was planned before the flooding, is due to start next week and will take about two months.

“Before this work starts, as a precautionary measure, divers are carrying out detailed underwater inspections to ensure that there has been no washout of the river bed near to the bridge.

“However, this site does not have any previous history of being susceptible to river bed washout.”

It is not known yet whether the bridge will have to be closed or if a temorary traffic system will be installed while the work is carried out.