Ready to greet Olympic flame

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BRIGHOUSE is way ahead of the game when it comes to planning its events for the Olympics.

Gary Borrows, head of cultural services at Calderdale Council, attended Brighouse ward forum to urge residents, businesses and clubs to get involved the day the Olympic torch is carried through the town on Sunday, June 24.

He said it was a great opportunity for the town to display itself. “We are delighted to welcome the torch not just to both of our communities, Brighouse and Halifax, but on a Sunday when as many people as possible can watch it.

“This is a big challenge for us as a council. We are lucky to have it but a lot of work needs doing. We want lots of young people to get involved in all the associated activities and the community it passes through should get the chance to show off to the world actually what it is that is special about them,” he said.

“There are lots of special things about Brighouse and everyone has a different take on it and our task as council officers is to try and encourage people in the community to try and take on that challenge.

“The way we are going to do that is contacting organisations and businesses, the schools and the sports clubs to make them aware of this.”

He said the council was willing to help the towns but that they couldn’t do it for them.

“The organisation wants an emphasis on music and the youth. We are trying to put together a guide of information which will be on the council’s website and we will make it available to everyone. We want it to be a safe and memorable day,” said Mr Borrows.

Plans are already well underway for activities in the town centre. Members of Brighouse Business Initiative are organising a sports day along Commercial Street which will be covered in grass. But instead of Olympic sports such as long jump, hurdles and decathlon, the competition is likely to be of a more traditional variety - egg and spoon, sack and obstacle races.

Chairman Lesley Adams said they had contacted all the schools and had been in contact with ROKT and Sainsbury’s.

Mr Borrows said the torch will not cause much disruption and the roads the relay will travel along, Bethel Street, Thornton Square, Halifax Road and Lane Head will only be closed for ten or 15 minutes before and a few minutes after.