Read Jake’s short story

Jake Roberts, who has entered the Chris Evans 500 Words short story competition.
Jake Roberts, who has entered the Chris Evans 500 Words short story competition.

Read Jake Roberts’ short story from the Chris Evans show.

Ten-year-old Jake, a pupil at Woodhouse Primary School, made it through to the final of Chris Evans’ 500 words competition.

His story ‘Jeff the Hippie and the Mighty Mollusc - The Ancient Banana Blasters of Vindaloo’ can be read below.

One peaceful, sunny, miserable day, Mighty Mollusc and Jeff the Hippie lay on the golden grass whilst looking up at the bright green sun. Suddenly, the chime of Jeff’s ringtone started up. He grabbed for his phone that was constantly vibrating, “Good morning Sir/Madame/other.”

A voice spoke, “This is Gunter Haveacuppatea of MOOB (Molluscs On Other Business). We need your help. The criminal organisation EGO (Evil Goings On) has stolen the Ancient Banana Blasters of Vindaloo from the Museum of Accountancy and Other Boring Jobs. We need you to recover them.” Jeff put away his mobile. He and Mighty Mollusc had had many encounters with EGO and EGO’s boss Lord David Dave had become their worst enemy! Meanwhile, back at the MOOB base everyone was panicking because something evil was happening for once. “SOUND THE RED ALERT SIREN!!!” shouted Bill.I.Am, the secretary. A man in the far corner with a T- Shirt that said RED ALERT on it started dancing like a donkey shaped like John Travolta. “Everyone stop panicking for it is I, Jeff the Hippie, otherwise known as Jeff the Hippie. This is my assistant Mighty Mollusc!” exclaimed a familiar looking man. He strode into the room, as graceful as a ballet dancer with a broken foot. Everyone attempted to take their hats off as Jeff passed by but, as no one was wearing one, failed. “Have you stopped panicking yet?” asked the hippie, everyone nodded, “Then my job is done!” he told them. All of a sudden, he disappeared. Everyone started panicking again.

Jeff the Hippie, Mighty Mollusc and Susan the Milkman (their new accomplice that they had picked up in ASDA) set off on their dangerous journey to the secret headquarters of EGO that Susan had found on the internet. This perilous journey would take them 20 minutes and an extra 30 minutes as they had planned to stop at Burger King for dinner.

They arrived at their destination at 8:00p.m. on that same Friday. It was Mighty Molluscs bedtime so he had to leave the other heroes to complete the mission by themselves.

“It’s a shame to see you leave us MM,” Superman muttered, “I hope we meet again sometime.”

“Hey! Superman! You’re not in this story!” protested Jeff, Superman slumped off. Meanwhile, Susan the Milkman and Jeff the Hippie approached the secret stairs that led to the secret lab in the secret headquarters of EGO. As they walked down the secret stairs that led to the secret lab and so on; they saw the Ancient Banana Blasters of Vindaloo sitting on a golden pedestal. The two heroes rushed down the staircase and stuffed them in a sack that happened to be next to them. Guards that were disguised as guards sprang into action but it was too late. The MOOB agents had gone. Back at HQ, Gunter congratulated them on their victory and threw a party so big it made Nellie the Elephant look like a toy. What a day!!!