Questions over safety of blackspot junction

QUESTIONS are again being asked over the safety of the once notorious Hipperholme crossroads.

The latest smash, which involved two cars, could have claimed lives as the stricken vehicles, a Vauxhall Corsa and a Nissan Almera, careered towards the pavement outside the Whitehall pub just after 7.30pm.

Both drivers miraculously escaped injry but both were shaken.

The accident has again highlighted the traffic problems that blight the area.

Despite thousands being spent on improvements which appeared to improve the situation a little, many people in the village still think more should be done.

Colin James, of Waterhouse Photography at the junction of Wakefield Road and Leeds Road said the traffic problems were terrible and he had to constantly warn customers about the dangers.

“Generally, cars are being driven far too fast. I have almost been knocked down myself.

“Drivers fly round the corner on to Wakefield Road as they attempt to get through before the lights change in Leeds Road.”

Playgroup leader Jennifer Codling at Lightcliffe Pre-school, based at Christ Church, said life would be made a lot easier if there were more traffic filters on the signals.

“The road is not good. I have two children aged 10 and 14 and even though we wait for the signal you still get drivers going through the lights when they are at red.”

Chairman of the Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Environmental Group Chris O’Connor said with with the amount of new building in the area the increasing volume of cars using the crossroads was inevitable.

“It’s at saturation point,” he said. “There are always going to be safety issues and problems until we deal limit new building.”

Calderdale Council’s Local Development Framework could play a major part in any improvements at the crossroads.

Traffic in the area is expected to grow by as much as a quarter by 2025.

Views from the public have already come in and resident Nick Dewhirst said: “Which ever option is chosen it must resolve once and for all the mess that is Hipperholme lights at the junction of Denholme Gate, Brighouse Road and the A58 Leeds Road.

“A lot of money was spent last time supposedly improving the junction but it has not worked. Traffic coming up Wakefield Road needs to have a longer filter so it can get through the junction.

“The absolute shambles that is the unused bus stop lay by on the A58 immediately after the junction by the new flats on Barfield Road needs to be sorted out. It is causing huge traffic problems.”