Queen wins praise for ‘marvellous’ job

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Brighouse residents have been sharing their memories and thoughts of HRH Queen Elizabeth II on the day she acceeded to the throne.

The Queen has been marking the 60th anniversary of her accession and residents have recalled the day in 1952 when her father King George VI died.

They are full of praise for the way she has gone about her job through changing times and the many challenges that have confronted her.

Ernest Ainley was at the Brookfoot Dyeworks factory as the news broke.

“We were hard at work when someone came into the office saying that the king had died and we had a new Queen

“Some of the girls were quite upset when they heard but we just carried on with work as normal.”

Jean Ainley, 71, who was at Brighouse Girls’ Grammar School said: “I remember someone coming into the classroom and telling us that there was a new Queen.

“I used to keep a scrap book of royal events and pictures. I think the Queen has done very well. She has seen a lot of change and she has had to move with the times.”

Mary Hudson, who was 14 at the time and in the last year of school at Highfield Secondary Modern in Bradford.

“The head brought all the classes together and told us what had happened. All the after school activities were cancelled as there were a lot of societies and things like that at the time.

“Since then I think the Queen has done a marvellous job and I hope she carries on for many years to come.”