Pupils support food bank

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Youngsters at Lightcliffe Academy embraced World Food Day to benefit the local community.

Students in year nine took responsibility for a school event that included delivering assemblies, visiting primary schools and explaining about food deprivation.

The students had conducted a study into hunger and the results shocked them in such a way that they presented their ideas for raising awareness initially at a meeting with the principal, and then to staff at a briefing on how their enrichment classes could be put to valuable local benefit.

Pupils also collected food during the event for Brighouse and Surrounding Homeless (BASH), who coordinate the food bank in Brighouse.

Volunteers from the charity also got involved in the event and were surprised such a simple concept could generate and engage a whole school community with so much kindness.

Thomas Rothwell, principal, said: “The generosity of students and families has been overwhelming, not only in the quantity but high value of items that have been sent in to school.

“It’s a fantastic start in what we intend to achieve: developing independent young people who can contribute positively to society.”

Sam Whitworth, a parent of two students involved in the initiative, said: “My son loved helping to raise awareness about World Food Day.”

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