Proposals for Calderldale schools to sing the national anthem every day

Union Jack flag
Union Jack flag

A Calderdale Councillor will put forward a motion calling for every school to fly the Union flag and sing God Save The Queen in school assemblies.

In proposals that will go before Councillors on October 1, Brighouse Councillor Scott Benton (Con) said that via the Director of Children and Young People, he would like to encourage all of our Primary and Secondary schools to fly the Union Flag in school grounds and include the National Anthem as part of school assemblies.

Coun Benton said: “This will inspire the children of the borough to take pride in British values and enable them to appreciate our rich history and great heritage. 
“It will also assist our young people to develop a shared sense of identity and belonging which will contribute towards improving social cohesiveness and integration across the Borough.”

Coun Benton is also proposing for the Union Flag to be flown from all Council buildings that have the facility to do so, on every day of the calendar year, apart from on those days when the flying of other flags has already been agreed by the Council.

He has also said that where a Council building has the facility to fly two flags simultaneously the Union Flag should fly on every day of the calendar year with other flags being flown in addition to the Union Flag on their agreed days.

The motion will be discussed at the Halifax Town Hall on Thursday October 1 at 6pm.