Projex have designs on new £5m facility

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A Brighouse based company has been appointed to play a major role in the development of a new £5 million process manufacturing training plant that will shape the engineers of the future.

Projex Solutions Limited, based at Thornhill Beck Lane, has been chosen by Kirklees College to design the process manufacturing batch plant for its employer-led process manufacturing centre, due to open for training in Huddersfield in summer 2016.

The new 10,225 square foot centre, which has received capital funding support from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, will provide a state of the art training facility that will feature a fully operational process manufacturing batch plant and filling and packaging equipment which meets the training requirements of process manufacturing industries.

It will also feature classrooms, facilities to support the learning and development of future engineers and operation technicians.

As a major part of the project, Projex will use its experience in engineering design and project management in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries to design and implement a process manufacturing plant that will incorporate equipment donated to the project by an array of local companies.

Jamie Ashton, managing director at Projex Solutions Limited, said: “Having built our own process manufacturing training rig on site, we have a great deal of knowledge of what is required – all be it on a much larger scale – for the PMC project.

“We pride ourselves on the level of training we provide to ensure our team are always at the forefront of new technologies.

“Our involvement in the project will mean that we can share and develop best practices with Kirklees College.”