Pranksters branded as irresponsible

PRANKSTERS who put up a rogue 40mph speed limit sign in a 30mph zone have been branded “crassly irresponsible”.

Hundreds of motorists may have been caught by speed cameras after hoaxers put up a sign near a camera in Woodside Road, Wyke, stating that the speed limit was 10mph faster than what it actually was.

One resident said the camera flashed like a “strobe disco light” after motorists un drove by in what they beleived was a 40mph stretch.

Bradford Council has now removed the sign but it is believed it could have been catching motorists for up to 48 hours.

Darren Badrock, Bradford Council’s principal engineer for Bradford South, said the 40mph sign was not put up by the council. “It appears to have been placed there by a member of the public. We have now removed it.

“Whoever put it up may think it was just a practical joke but it is actually crassly irresponsible.

“We reduced the limit to 30mph on Woodside Road because there had been 157 casualties on the A641 over three years. Encouraging people to drive faster than the speed limit may put lives at risk.”

He said West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership had been informed and anyone who received a fixed penalty related to the camera monitoring traffic travelling north on Woodside Road, between High Fernley Road and Carr House Lane, who believes the unauthorised sign was a factor should contact the partnership.

Lorry driver Dave Clarke, who lives nearby, said there had obviously been a lot of people caught out by it. “Whoever has placed the sign there, it’s a stupid thing to do. It costs time and effort for all those involved in the fines process,” he said.

“The fact is somebody like myself could have got caught without realising they were breaking the speed limit. My job depends on me having a clean licence.”

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, (Lab, Wyke) said she was speechless that something like this had happened.