Postman Splat! Royal Mail issues ‘Stamp out dog dirt’ ultimatum on Brighouse street

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Royal Mail has issued an ultimatum that letters will not be delivered unless “hazards” of dog fouling and slippery cobbles are resolved on a Brighouse street.

Residents in Rayner Road and Harriet Street were left stunned with the letter sent to them outlining the problems along the road inbetween the houses.

Julie Kerry was one of the residents left angered by the letter and questioned why Royal Mail have acted in this manner.

“There has never been any problems in the past and many of us have lived here for over 25 years,” she said.

“The simple solution would be for them to use the front doors but they have not consulted or asked us about that. They have just sent out this letter to the residents on the two streets.

“Many are very upset because they feel like it is something we have done.”

In the letter to residents Chris Machon, delivery office manager, said: “While we have been delivering your post we have become aware of a hazard which has raised some concerns. I have taken this opportunity to contact you to ensure we can resolve this matter before any formal action is taken.

“It is essential that we i) continue to provide daily deliveries to your address and ii) ensure there is no potential threat posed to the health and safety of postmen and women delivering your mail.

“The hazard that is causing the problem is the cobbled road at the rear of Rayner Road/Harriet Street.

“This roadway is a maze of uneven cobbles, very slippery moss covered stone and is often strewn with dog mess, and these hazards have caused accidents and injuries to members of staff in the past.

“At this stage I would like to ask for help to ensure these problems are resolved, so we can continue to deliver your mail without risk to our staff.

“We do, as I know you will understand, have a duty of care to take precautionary action against any risks our employees are exposed to.

“We know how important your mail is to you, and we want to do all we can to ensure your daily delivery continues uninterrupted.”

Resident Jeffery Moore admitted that some areas are “mucky” but the residents try to keep on top of it as best they can and the dog mess isn’t down to residents but dog walkers not clearing up after their pets.

The residents, some who have lived there for more than 25 years, said they did not know of any accidents and injuries to postmen in the past, despite the Royal Mail letter stating this had occurred.