Pool site for sale – but car park stays


COUNCILLORS have agreed to sell the former Brighouse pool and the two adjoining car parks.

But Daisy Street car park will not be put on the market after Calderdale Council Cabinet decided that, for now, it is not surplus to requirements.

The decision to sell the land comes only three weeks after Brighouse Town Hall was sold for £136,000.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said it was a good and sensible decision by the cabinet because of the impact it would have on the economy of Brighouse.

“We want to attract as many people as we can to the town and I think we have to look at the long term not just the short term of getting a few quid.

“The way we are going at the moment though Calderdale Council is not going to have anything left in Brighouse.

“We are selling the car park at Waterloo Road, Rayner Road car park, selling the swimming baths and the town hall has been sold. What are we going to sell next? I think we should start looking at other things to sell throughout Calderdale now.”

Businessman Bill Ibberson, who owns the nearby former Sugden’s flour mill, has put in an offer for the old pool, the adjoining car parks and he would also like to acquire the nearby Daisy Street car park.

But for now only the pool and adjoining car parks are surplus to requirements.

On the advice of economy and environment spokesman Barry Collins (Lab, Illingworth and Mixenden) the council will get two independent valuations for the site and be offered to Mr Ibberson and his company Younger Homes for the best price.

Otherwise it could be disposed of on the open market.

Councillor Stout added: “I am delighted they have decided not to sell Daisy Street car park. If the other sites are sold I would hope to see, very shortly, some sort of development plan. Not for it just to be left derelict like the opposite side.

“I will be pushing Mr Ibberson and the council to have some sort of clause that if it is sold to him it is developed sooner rather than later, not just left until the market picks up.”

Councillor Joyce Cawthra (Ind, Brighouse) said she was pleased with the decision to keep Daisy Street car park.

“I don’t think they want to put a town at risk especially Brighouse which is the next biggest one to Halifax which is what would have happened if it was sold,” she said.

Residents at Rastrick ward forum also raised their concerns about the possibility of selling Daisy Street car park saying that it would close down the town completely.

Council Leader Coun Janet Battye said that the Council had a legal obligation to secure the best possible price and she hoped this would clear the way for further development of that part of the town.

“We have listened carefully to Brighouse residents and to local councillors about this issue and it is clear from most of their comments that they want to see a development here, while at the same time seeing the Daisy Street site retained as a car park,” she said.