What you thought of budget proposals

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RESPONSES to more than 700 comments from people who passed on their ideas to Calderdale Council to help with the budget cuts are being made available.

In September last year, the council launched a formal consultation, asking people which services mattered to them the most and how they thought the council could save money.

Residents and council staff were able to submit ideas over a two-month consultation period.

Councillors used the results of the consultation, along with financial and other information to put together draft proposals for the council’s budgets and services over the coming years. Detailed proposals were then drawn up before councillors agreed a budget at the end of February this year.

Calderdale Council is now publishing responses to every one of the suggestions it received.

Council Leader, Coun Janet Battye says that publishing the responses is the right thing to do. “We have been able to take on board many of the great ideas that Calderdale residents and staff have put forward and we are now letting people know how we are putting those ideas into action.

“But it’s equally important that where we’ve not been able to take up suggestions, we let the people who have made them know why.

All of the ideas and responses can be found on the Council’s website at http://www.calderdale.gov.uk/council/consultations

Copies are also available at Brighouse library.