Markets on the agenda at Cabinet

Echo digital -f19mark1-8- pics by sf Pictures taken in Brighouse market - for ad feature.
Echo digital -f19mark1-8- pics by sf Pictures taken in Brighouse market - for ad feature.

Markets in Calderdale could soon be set for a boost as Calderdale Council’s Cabinet considers the creation of a group specifically looking at developing markets across the borough.

At the meeting of cabinet on Monday, February 2, members will discuss re-establishing the cabinet markets working party, which will look at issues relating to the operation and development of Calderdale markets.

The group would have representatives from each of the three main political parties, and will also include the council’s cabinet member for economy and the council’s representative on the National Association of British Market Authorities.

Calderdale Council’s cabinet member for economy, Coun Peter Caffrey, said Calderdale markets are evolving all the time, and provide a unique shopping experience, but to really make the most of the historic spaces, ideas and funding opportunities need to be found.

“Our markets are real focal points in our towns and provide a fantastic, individual shopping experience for their customers.

“However, to ensure that this continues to be the case in the future, our markets need to adapt to reflect customers’ shopping habits,” he said.

The cabinet markets working party would look to develop the markets service and would have detailed discussions on a range of issues including developing and improving Calderdale’s markets, and options for managing markets differently in partnership with town and parish councils, social enterprises, community groups and the private sector.

As part of its discussions, the group would consider the views of local people, stallholders and other key partners, and regularly feed back its findings to cabinet.