Inside the Council: We need more of that 40s spirit

Brighouse 1940's Weekend. Isabelle and Daniel Grogan, aged five and seven, with Steve Aldred, Adrian Stead and Mike Cox.
Brighouse 1940's Weekend. Isabelle and Daniel Grogan, aged five and seven, with Steve Aldred, Adrian Stead and Mike Cox.
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May I first of all, congratulate the Brighouse Business Initiative for their work and efforts in giving everyone who visited Brighouse last weekend an absolutely wonderful time!

It just shows what you can do when everyone pulls together for the good of the town!

Even businesses that aren’t in the BBI participated last weekend.

The good folk of Brighouse also supported this event and people came from all over the country, once it had been advertised by the BBI.

I think if Brighouse ever gets its own Parish Council the members of the BBI should run it. As they have brought a massive footfall to the town and helped the local economy.

We hear a lot about how we can increase jobs in Calderdale but it is events like this that help to do that, because not only will people come back to Brighouse, having had a wonderful time, and learning how friendly Brighouse folk are, they may even decide to set up a business in the town.

The only thing that I was upset and annoyed with was the response from Calderdale Council. Having gone onto the website at 4pm the Friday before I found that we had two small paragraphs about the event. This came under several other events happening in Calderdale.

I had to ring up to find out why this event the weekend before the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the weekend of the Queen’s Coronation more space hadn’t been given.

I was told if I looked on Leisure and Culture, I would see a better description of what was happening in Brighouse. Most people in Calderdale would have thought that this would have been as important an event as the Tour de France that we keep advertising.

The event in Brighouse cost the Council nothing, as it was organised by the BBI, the Council actually has charged the BBI over £2,000 for the hire of the Civic Hall.

I think myself and other Councillors need to ask questions about this and ensure that our tourist department and leisure department are supportive of such events, which will no doubt be organised again in Brighouse.

Let’s hope the Council will support and encourage local businesses and people with these events, that increase footfall for the towns and businesses that we represent.