Inside the Council: Seeing problems first-hand

Concerned residents come out in anger after several speed related crashes on Halifax Road, Brighouse
Concerned residents come out in anger after several speed related crashes on Halifax Road, Brighouse
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Having campaigned for many years to get better road safety facilities on Halifax Road to protect the pupils of the several schools in the area, and also the large number of elderly people who live in this area, I have to declare an interest as I also live in Hove Edge.

So in some ways this gives me an advantage as I see the problems that parents and elderly people have to put up with, with the speeding and inconsiderate drivers that pass through this area. I know that we have other areas like Clifton and Huddersfield Road but because of the number of children (2,000) that are in the Halifax Road area every day of the school week.

I and other Councillors feel and having been a member of Brighouse Road Safety for over 40 years that we should have the maximum provision for road safety, we do have statistics that show that accidents do and have happened so you can imagine how I felt last Saturday morning coming home from work to see motorists heading towards Brighouse flashing motorists going towards Hove Edge, warning them that the Police had a speed gun in operation.

This false sense of loyalty to other motorists is totally wrong. People who are speeding in areas like this should suffer the consequences of their actions! 30mph speed limits are put in place for a reason.

I wonder how many of these ‘flashes’ would still flash if one of their children was run over or injured on Halifax Road.

I am sure that they would be the first to be getting a petition to slow traffic down in any area where children and elderly people were injured. It is also an offence to warn motorists of this sort of police activity and I will be asking the next time the police are doing these checks in any part of Brighouse that a second Police Officer is in a place who can pull over people who flash traffic in the opposite direction, and ensure they are told and fined for their irresponsible actions.