Inside the Council: Looking back on a busy year

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This tends to be a time of year when you reflect back over the last twelve months. It is also a time to look forward. I have been most interested to read highlights from friends on Facebook this year.

2014 was quite a remarkable year in many ways - perhaps one of the highlights for me was the Tour de France, mainly because this put Yorkshire well and truly on the map.

This week I went to the Brighouse Library, which made me think about the centenary commemorations of the First World War and for all those brave men and women who fought for our freedom. I cannot imagine the feeling for those families who lost relatives during these times.

After the First World War, money was raised to pay tribute to those who had lost lives.

The memorial, which now stands in the grounds of the library, stands at 22ft high and includes a bronze statue of a winged angel standing on a ball holding a palm leaf in one hand and a crown of laurels in the other.

Some of the money raised for the memorial was used to set up a trust fund to provide two district nurses. The fund still exists today and is called the “Brighouse War Memorial (nurses’ endowment) Fund”. The aim now is to provide financial assistance to people in need who reside in the former Borough of Brighouse. Please contact me should you require further information and application for funds on 07903 321459 or e-mail at