Inside the Council: Keeping the election local

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A good choice of candidates in a democracy is of course vital, and to be welcomed.

I must say though that in over three years as a Calderdale Councillor, the number of times my views on Europe have been relevant is – well actually – they never have!

Which is why I’m somewhat puzzled at the relevance and agenda of the new UKIP group recently announced to stand in local elections.

My personal view is that none of us are best served locally when local elections are fought on national issues. The simple fact is that local councillors work within local government and make local decisions. It’s therefore important that local elections are first and foremost about local issues and bring in councillors of whichever political persuasion (or independent), whose primary agenda is to best serve their local community and who are prepared to work effectively with others to do so.

Let’s hope the run up to the next local elections in 2014 sees the focus of campaigning kept firmly local - where it should be. (And so far as Rastrick ward’s concerned… may the best 
(wo)man win!)