Inside the Council: Councillor David Kirton - Hiperholme & Lightcliffe Ward

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The Calderdale Council proposed 20mph zones are currently out for consultation during September and October.
This consultation covers only Bailiff Bridge, Hove Edge and part of the Lightcliffe area at this time.
The implementation will be undertaken in February 2017.
The reminder of the Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Ward, including Norwood Green will be consulted later in the year for implementation in May 2017.
The current consultation can be undertaken online now at
Alternatively residents can telephone Calderdale Council on 01422 392141 / 392814 requesting maps or any additional information.
I and my ward colleague, Councillor Graham Hall, would advise all residents to put their views forward in the Council consultation as this is probably a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ to get 20mph speed restrictions near to schools and on residential roads within the Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Ward. We are both fully supportive of the rollout of 20mph, provided that this is supported by the local community in our ward.
Over the years whilst serving as your Councillor I have been regularly asked for speed reductions on many local highways and this has been raised at Ward Forum meetings and also individually by local very concerned residents and leaders of local resident groups.

Local highway road signs

I feel that road safety is always of paramount importance for all residents and drivers.
I have been particularly concerned regarding the number of highway signs which are completely obscured by two or three years of grim that has built up on them.
Recently I was made aware of the school crossing sign warning on the A58 Leeds Road in Lightcliffe which is by far on of the busiest roads in Calderdale.
As this sign hadn’t been cleaned by Calderdale Highways Department for a number of years I took it upon myself to ‘lead by example’ and took cleaning material to clean the sign so that motorists could see in advance of arriving at the school crossing facility near to the bottom of Sutherland Road.
I feel that it is important that the Council clean highway signs that are warning motorists of approaching hazards or safety issues, such as school crossings. In addition, a number of highway directional signs or signs for tourism are often sadly lacking in being kept clean.
I ask all residents to report to the Council any road signage in need of cleaning as this not only improves road safety but will also improve the visual amenity of an area.

Cutting back over hanging foliage

At this time every year I always receive resident concerns regarding overhanging foliage from residential gardens.
I would like to take this opportunity to ask all residents to check their garden hedges and bushes, during the autumn months, to ensure that all pedestrians, especially those with young children in pushchairs, wheelchair users and those with a visual impairment can pass freely on the public footpath without the need to walk on to the highway.