Inside the Council; Colin Raistrick explains his Hipperholme crossroads stance

Coun Colin Raistrick
Coun Colin Raistrick

People sometimes wonder what local councillors are for. The vote of no confidence in the minority (important word that) Labour administration on Calderdale Council and its subsequent replacement by a majority (another important word) administration is a case in point.

It’s no good people whinging about “Well we nearly won the election in May” when they obviously didn’t. What about my role in this affair? My only surprise is that some people are surprised. The people of my ward have shown - through the ballot box, the 2,000 signature petition, the consultation process and the refusal to kow tow to council bullying - that they absolutely did not want the scheme for Hipperholme crossroads to go ahead.

Indeed the Hipperholme Preservation society had won the arguments, but the previous administration was not listening.

So, did I do a deal? Well, of course I did. What else would anyone expect?

In making this arrangement I’ve been accused of a lack of principles. Clearly the principle that a councillor should try to represent the people who elected him is a mystery to some politicians.

That’s the problem with politics - you can’t have principles if you don’t blindly agree with their beliefs.

The new opposition has promised to “hold firmly to account” the new majority (sorry, can’t resist) administration as this is some kind of threat, but surely that is what they should be doing?

That’s what we call democracy. That’s what local councillors are for.

Coun Colin Raistrick

Independent, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe