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Rubbish and asbestos fly tipping at Grassy Lane, Hove Edge
Rubbish and asbestos fly tipping at Grassy Lane, Hove Edge

I am dismayed by illegal dumping in parts of the Ward. Recently we have seen illegal tipping in Coley and more recently at the top of Grassy Lane, Hove Edge.

The tipping, which has in the past few weeks included old building material, pallets and more seriously was the six sheets of corrugated asbestos roofing material. This is highly dangerous, especially as it was tipped on the footpath which people use for recreation purposes, children on their way to and from school. It was adjacent to the entrance to Brighouse Town football ground at Hove Edge.

My colleague, Councillor David Kirton, who was the first to be made aware of the problem, quickly reported the matter to Council officials who arranged for the waste to be removed and specialist contractors to remove the asbestos waste. These despicable fly tipping are risking being fined up to £1,000. It is unfortunately, the Council taxpayer who foots the costs of removing fly tipping on public land – money that could be spent on essential council services

in these times austerity. Please report any illegal fly tipping to the police and the council immediately and this will assist in catching the culprits.

Update on Local Plan Preparation

The Local Plan must identify enough land for the development we need, whilst at the same time protecting our green spaces. These are important choices about

future development across the Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Ward and indeed throughout Calderdale. It is my opinion that the Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Ward

could potentially be greatly affected by future proposals for residential developments in the ward for the next 16 years. It essential that local residents, businesses in the ward, along with other stakeholders, including land owners, take part in the official consultation when it commences. The draft Local Plan will be published in March 2017 for consideration by cabinet and full council.

Remembrance Service

Bailiff Bridge Memorial Park will be holding their service commencing at 10.45am on Sunday, November 13. This is always very well attended by many

residents throughout ward. We are keeping our fingers crossed for fine dry weather on the day. I am proud to have been asked by the Mayor of Calderdale

to lay the official wreath on his behalf. I look forward to seeing as many residents as possible at the service.