Facility faces challenges ahead

Coun Benton outside Waring Green Community Centre, Brighouse
Coun Benton outside Waring Green Community Centre, Brighouse

Across Brighouse we are fortunate in terms of the number of well-valued and well-used community buildings that we have.

Each of these buildings fulfils an important function within the community and contributes to the delivery of the public services that we all rely upon.

One such building is the Waring Green Community Centre, which provides a space that is used by thousands of people every single week. Waring Green, to quote just one example, is a vital community facility and one which the community would be much the poorer without.

Although the council continues to face significant financial challenges and will have to review the number of buildings which it operates as a result, it has a duty to maintain community spaces such as the Waring Green Centre and as such, I am delighted to say that the current administration has committed itself to maintaining all of those buildings which are valued by the community.

By Councillor Scott Benton (Brighouse, Con)