Election D-Day for councillors

POLL POSITION ... can UKIP make an impression in Labour's dominance of South Tyneside Council? We'll find out this week.
POLL POSITION ... can UKIP make an impression in Labour's dominance of South Tyneside Council? We'll find out this week.

Council seats across Calderdale will be contested on Thursday, May 22, at the local government elections.

Council seats in Brighouse, Rastrick and Hipperholme and Lightcliffe wards will be put to the ballot box, as well as contenders for the European elections.

Candidates representing the Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, UKIP and Independent groups will be on the ballot in Brighouse ward.

Howard Blagbrough (Con), Danny Murphy (Ind), Jennie Rigg (Lib Dem), Anthony Rutherford (Lab), Colin Stout (Ind) and Nick Yates (UKIP) will all be hoping to take the seat.

Colin Stout currently holds the seat and is seeking re-election.

Voters in Hipperholme and Lightcliffe ward will be asked to choose a candidate from the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Independent groups.

Mat Bowles (Lib Dem), Joe Clegg (Con), Pam Fellows (Lab)and Colin Raistrick (Ind) will be seeking election.

Independent councillor Colin Raistrick is seeking re-election.

Voters in Rastrick ward will be able to choose from candidates representing the Trade Unions and Socialists Against Cuts, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative groups.

Robert Bailey (TUASAC), Christine Beal (Con), Kathleen Haigh-Hutchinson (Lib Dem) and Peter Judge (Lab) will be vying for your vote.

Conservative councillor Christine Beal is seeking re-election.

Voters will also be asked to vote for a representative in the European Parliament, with independent candidates and representatives from Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Green, UKIP, Yorkshire First, British National Party, English Democrats, No EU Yes To Democracy and An Independence from Europe parties.

Yorkshire and the Humber returns six MEPs.

In 2009 it returned two Conservative MEPs, one UKIP, one Labour, one Liberal Democrat and one British National Party.

The BNP MEP Andrew Brons resigned from the BNP in 2012 after falling out with BNP leader Nick Griffin.

The first Conservative MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott, was expelled from the Conservative party after standing against the European Conservative Reformist candidates for a Vice-Presidency of the European Parliament.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday May 22. See www.calderdale.gov.uk for info.