Economic plan gets backing

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The Calder Valley MP has said dozens of small and medium sized businesses are supporting the Conservatives and the party’s long-term economic plan.

Businesses throughout the Calder Valley have signed a letter produced by Conservative candidate Craig Whittaker which credits the Government with tackling the deficit, helping to keep interest rates low, inflation down, and making sure that Britain is open for business.

The letter also goes on to state that it wishes to see Craig Whittaker re-elected so that he can continue working alongside businesses to create jobs and prosperity across the Calder Valley and that a change now would be far too risky and would undo all of the good work over the last five years.

“So far, we have had dozens of businesses throughout the Calder Valley willing to put their name to this letter and many firms are still coming forward to offer their support,” said Mr Whittaker.

“This is a fantastic vote of confidence from many of our great local businesses and best known employers.

“This Government has created 1,000 jobs for every day it has been in office and the benefits of the economic recovery are being felt locally where we have more people in work than ever before and unemployment has reduced by over 60 per cent.

“To let Ed Miliband and the SNP risk the economic recovery with higher taxes, more borrowing and more debt would be a disaster for the Calder Valley.”

Mr Paul Hinchcliffe, Managing Director of Asquith Butler, Brighouse, was one of the business leaders to put his name to the letter supporting the Conservatives.

“I sincerely hope that the Conservative Party will get the opportunity to continue with its successful policies following victory in the forthcoming election. During the last five years under the steadfast leadership of David Cameron and George Osborne we are slowly putting the “Great” back into Britain again. I wish Craig good luck with his campaign.”