Developer told to carry out highway safety work

Highway and road safety improvements must be carried out before the first home is finished on a housing development in Hove Edge.

Persimmon Homes has planning permission to build 147 homes off Spout House Lane but wanted to change six of the conditions so that improvements to St Giles Road were carried out before the 40th house was completed. The original agreement was that this work would be done after the first was completed.

But councillors unanimously decided to refuse the application after it was brought before Calderdale Council’s planning committee by ward councillors, Colin Raistrick, David Kirton and Graham Hall.

Several conditions were stipulated when outline plans were granted last year. These include a pedestrian refuge on Brighouse Road, footpath improvements, improved pedestrian crossing facility at the bridge on St Giles Road, improved pedestrian crossing facilities at Wakefield Road, traffic calming on Spout House Lane and footway widening on Spout House Lane and St Giles Road.

Councillor Kirton (Con) spoke against the application and said that on Bank Holiday Monday there had been an accident at the junction of St Giles Road and Wakefield Road which is one of the junctions that is to be widened as part of the development where a car had crashed into a wall.

He urged members to stick to the original conditions. “Councillors on the planning committee also spend a great deal of the time in mulling over, discussing, adjusting and considering planning conditions at the time the application is considered.”

The company had originally wanted to complete the highway improvements after the 100th house had been built but following an objection from the council, the application was amended by Persimmon Homes so that the work was required to be completed after the 40th house was finished.

The application had been recommended for approval by council officers and applicant Paul Thornton agreed with the report. He gave councillors a progress update and said that they expected to sell the 40th house within a year. But he estimated that it could be four years until all 147 homes were sold due to the economic market.

Putting the motion forward to refuse the application based on highway and public safety grounds, Councillor David Hardy said: “No member is against the actual site itself it was the highway issues around the site. We had a site visit and that was the specific reason that we put the conditions in.”

Councillors Kirton and Raistrick (Ind) said they were extremely pleased with the outcome. “We have both received a lot of complaints about it over the last few weeks and we are extremely pleased about the decision, it was the right one,” they said.