DART team’s excellent work

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I am always pleased to read about the excellent work undertaken by Calderdale DART and welcome the Life Planning Service they offer which may be of interest to some residents.

After receiving funding from the Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group, they will deliver what they describe as ‘a Life Planning Project’.

The whole purpose of the project is to try to guide people through areas of their lives which may be affected by the sudden onset of disability (e.g. financial, benefits, employment, housing, transport, etc.) with the aim of reducing their need to access health services for this help and ultimately the support they receive from DART will improve their health and well-being. The service is not available to all clients with disabilities and will give priority to patients with ‘new’ disabilities within the CCG strategic priorities as follows:

Respiratory - COPD, smoking related illnesses; cardio vascular disease - high blood pressure, heart disease; endocrine - prevalence of diabetes, blood pressure; musculoskeletal conditions - such as arthritis.

I wish all Brighouse Echo readers a happy, healthy and successful New Year in 2015.

By Councillor Graham Hall (Hipp/Light, Con)