Complaints over flooded junction

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A full survey will be carried out on the drains at the junction of Granny Hall Lane, Brighouse, after the road flooded with water.

Calderdale Council will carry out an investigation after the road was completely covered with water at its junction with Halifax Road.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said he had requested a full drain survey to find out what the problem was. “Water was all across the road and up to the pavement level and the shop is now considering applying for compensation because it happened three times last year.

“They want it addressing. I have been talking to highways officers and they are doing an investigation.”

Calderdale Council’s Head of Planning and Highways, Geoff Willerton, said: “We received a report of a large volume of water on Granny Hall Lane and went out straight away to investigate.

“The water was removed from the road and the gullies cleared. A full survey will be carried out to check if the gullies are working properly in normal circumstances, and we hope to do this before Christmas. When we have the results of the survey we’ll know if any further action is needed.

“There are many thousands of gullies across Calderdale, which we empty and clean as part of our normal proactive maintenance programme. However, it’s possible for drains to get blocked even with regular maintenance. Heavy rainfall can overload a system and mud and leaves can cause blockages.

“Highway drainage problems, including blocked road gullies, can be reported on the maintenance, inspection and repair page on the Council’s website. Alternatively, you can email or call us on 0845 245 7000.”

Cars parking near to the busy junction are also causing problems for motorists.

Members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee heard how motorists parking at the end of Granny Hall Lane into Halifax Road could potentially cause an accident.

Motorists are struggling getting in and out of the road and with the new pedestrian island it is making it difficult, said Ernest Needham. “It is very difficult especially with cars parking outside the shop in Halifax Road. I think it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Coun Stout said there were parking restrictions further up the road, bollards had been put there to stop people parking on the pavement and the bus layby was acting as a barrier.