Backing to stop smoking in cars

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Calderdale Council has welcomed a ban on smoking in cars carrying children in England.

The House of Commons agreed to a change to the Children and Families Bill, which will come into force before the next general election and will: Make it an offence to smoke in cars carrying young people under 18, require cigarettes and other tobacco products to be sold in standardised (plain, non-branded) packaging, make it illegal for anyone under 18 to buy e-cigarettes, make it an offence for people over 18 to buy tobacco for those under 18.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Health Inequalities, Councillor Simon Young, said: “We have been in support of this and are delighted with the news so far. It’s a vital step forward in our vision to tackle smoking in the borough. Two thirds of smokers pick up the habit before they’re 18.

“Last year we became the first council in West Yorkshire to sign the Local Authority Declaration on Tobacco Control, which shows our commitment to reducing smoking and highlighting the health risks of tobacco.”