Police ask: ‘What are are your priorities?’

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THE police are making themselves more accessible to the people of Brighouse by asking about their priorites

The Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team wants to hear from residents about what problems they want the police to be tackling in their community. No matter how small or irrelevant it may seem officers will deal with your concerns.

Inspector Mohammed Nawaz, who heads the team, said: “It is yet another avenue where local residents can tell us what their issues and concerns are. Each and everyone of those issues will be considered and we can then act upon them. There is also the partners and communities together meetings and the contact points. So if you have concerns please come and speak to us.

“We understand that people cannot always get to the meetings so that is why we have produced this form which the Echo has agreed to publish.”

Dates for the PACT meetings are available on the NPT’s website but if your not on the web then they are as follows:

Brighouse (at Brighouse High School unless stated otherwise at 7pm) - June 13, July 25, September 5, October 17 and November 28.

Elland (at Willow Court, Victoria Road, at 6.30pm) - April 17 (ward forum), May 29, July 10, August 21, October 2 and November 13.

Greetland and Stainland (at St Andrew’s Church, Stainland Road at 7.30pm) - April 19, May 31, July 12, August 23, October 4 and November 15.

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe (at Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated) - April 12, May 24, July 5, August 16, September 27 and November 8.

Rastrick (at Rastrick High School’s technology block at 7pm) - April 16, May 28, July 9.