Police act over car thieves

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POLICE are appealing to motorists to help stop the spread of car crime.

Since the beginning of the year there have been a number of thefts from vehicles, mainly in the Brighouse and Elland areas, but many of these could have been prevented if owners had carried out some simple precautions, says Insp Mohammed Nawaz, who heads the neighbourhood policing team.

“By simply removing valuables from display a car is much less of an attractive target for someone looking to break in,” he said. “Car thieves don’t want to waste time looking around for things.

“By removing valuables from show and ideally from the car completely you are greatly reducing the chances of becoming a victim.

“We have carried out a number of initiatives across the Lower Valley area to raise awareness about vehicle crime but unfortunately some owners are still continuing to leave items on display.

“These vehicles are simply sitting ducks for thieves who are on the look out for easy pickings. Items that are being stolen tend to be valuables and an inconvenience to replace.

“We are doing what we can to bring those responsible for these crimes to justice but I am appealing to car owners not to make it easy for the thief.

“ If you see anything suspicious please report it to the police.”

They can be contacted on 0845 6060606.