Plans go in for 30 homes

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PLANS have been submitted to build 30 houses in St Giles Road, Lightcliffe.

Rand and Asquith, which is fronting the application, put in outline planning permission to Calderdale Council’s planning department on Monday.

The plan is a revised version of a previous application which was refused for more than 60 houses back in May last year.

The site includes three pieces of land in St Giles Road, - St Giles Stoneworks and Spring Lodge, Rand and Asquith Stoneworks and Denehurst Garage.

Stephen Rand said they wanted to develop the site which is seen as an eyesore to many local residents. “We have got to do something with the land. We have been trying to get planning permission on the site for a number of years and now we have come up with a solution,” he said. “The world has changed and we no longer need the land for employment. We have other places to do that work.”

The plan includes 30 houses which will be made from natural stone and have double garages and parking spaces. “They will be good family homes, not dissimilar to the houses at Crowhurst Gardens.”

The last application received a widespread opposition from residents who were concerned that the scheme would increase the number of vehicles which currently use the road as a ‘rat-run’.

“You will never stop rat runs,” said Mr Rand. “The only time traffic could be a nuisance is at rush hours in the morning and night. It is a short cut and you can’t stop people using it as a short cut.

“An additional 30 houses will make a small difference to the problems already on that road.”

As part of the application Mr Rand and the other owners, Derek Garside and Tony Shields, have agreed to make improvements to the lighting along the road and put in a pavement which will run alongside the development.

“These houses will visually have a tremendous impact on the area and will be in keeping with other houses in the vicinity,” he added.

A meeting has already been held with some of the residents.