Plans for over 2,000 homes

MORE than 2,000 new homes will be needed in Brighouse by 2029, according to latest estimates.

Calderdale Council has published its Local Plan and Housing Strategy which sets out its plans for industry development and housing provision. The document was cleared for public consultation at cabinet.

It indicates that space will have to be found for 13.9 per cent (2,100 additional properties) in Brighouse, and 14.9 per cent more homes in Elland, which is 1,050 more than the 7,043 which the area already accommodates.

Councillor Barry Collins, spokesman for economy and environment, said the Local Plan replaces the Unitary Development Plan (UDP). The Local Plan was previously known as the Local Development Framework.

“This plan has been developed by a council who knows what’s going on in its community and is prepared to work with them,” he said.

The council says that between 450 and 1,400 homes have been built each year in Calderdale since 2002 and they have granted planning permission for 2,800 homes yet to be consulted.

The report says: “The council’s planning framework should be seen as a positive process, but concerns will be raised about the potential implications for infrastructure, green belt, traffic, the environment, or local issues, which mean that the process can sometimes be seen as confrontational.

“Calderdale will change, and the role of these preferred options is to provide a context for engagement and consultation, about what future development may hold for the district.”

Industry also forms part of the Local Plan with a predicted 17,000 sqm (183,000sqft) of new convenience floor space and 17,145sqm (184,500sqft) of goods floorspace by 2019.

The report says that “most of the pressure” lies within Brighouse, Elland and Halifax and that “not all the development can be accommodated without impacting upon the green belt or greenfield areas”.

Consultation runs until the end of December.