Pillai set to contest Rastrick

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CHRIS Pillai will be representing the Conservatives in the Rastrick area in May’s Calderdale Council election.

Mr Pillai, who is defending the seat for the Tories, has owned and managed a nursing and residential home in Rastrick.

He is a past chairman of Calderdale Community Health Council, a former non-executive director of the South West Yorkshire Mental Health Trust and is currently serving as a magistrate in Calderdale.

He said: “I am grateful to the local members for putting their trust in me. I aim to be able to work effectively as a councillor, helping to improve the quality of life for all who live in the area.”

Mr Pillai has been a resident in Rastrick since 1989 and last year stood in the Brighouse ward.

He aims to improve housing in the area so that it is affordable and is taking an interest in parking issues outside the schools and policing such as anti-social behaviour.

He wants to encourage new businesses which will create jobs.

He also wants to make sure there is good communication between local agencies and Calderdale Council.

“It is important that the local community is aware of key issues before any decisions are taken,” he said.