Petition calls for bus station toilets to reopen

A BRIGHOUSE councillor has set up a petition to re-establish the toilet block at Brighouse bus station.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) intends to collect as many signatures as possible and present it at Calderdale Council’s full council meeting on Wednesday - August 3 - to show the strength of feeling in the town.

Calderdale Council closed a toilet block near the bus station in Ganny Road in 2001 when facilities were improved in Thornton Square. But the town’s new bus station, which re-opened after refurbishment in 2009 has nowhere to spend a penny.

According to the council, the cheapest option for upgrading the disused toilet block, which is now in a poor condition, would be around £132,000. Rather than spend money on improving the block, the council’s recommendation is to demolish it at a cost of £10,000.

Councillor Stout has now decided action needs to be taken and he will be asking commuters who use the bus station and shoppers which of the three options which range between £132,000 and nearly £300,000 is most beneficial for the area.

“I want to know if people feel Calderdale Council should be providing a public toilet in the bus station. Then I am going to demand we have a toilet facility. We have got one in Halifax so we should have one in Brighouse, the second largest town in Calderdale,” he said.

“In relation to the cost, I am still waiting and hopeful that a couple of construction people will come forward with an estimated cost of re-establishing the toilets there. The toilet block as it is now is connected to the sewage system of West Yorkshire, has electric cables and has a water supply so why should it cost £132,000 to £278,000 to redesign that building.

“People are prepared to pay between 20p and 30p for the facility providing it is clean. The Council did offer to pay certain pubs £1,000 a year to allow the public to use their toilets. So if they are prepared to do that over the years then why wouldn’t they spend the money to do their own up which would save them money in the long run.”

Petitions will be placed in various shops throughout the town centre and Coun Stout will be at the bus station on Saturday eager to collect signatures.

He will present the petition to councillors on Wednesday at 6pm at Halifax Town Hall.

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