The mystery identity of Mr Brighouse

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Organisations have to use many different ways of raising money and maintaining peoples interest.

A popular idea many years ago was having to challenge and identify someone who was walking around the Brighouse Gala field as the mystery Mr Brighouse.

If you saw someone you thought might be him you had to make the challenge in verbally identifying the person as Mr Brighouse. If correct you won a prize.

That will remind seaside revellers of yesteryear of the mysterious fictional character Lobby Lud. He was created in 1927 by the Westminster Gazette. Anonymous employees visited resorts and wrote a detailed description of the town they visited, without giving away its name. They also described a person they happened to see that day and declared him to be the ‘Lobby Lud’ of that issue.

Readers were given a pass phrase and had to guess both the location and the person. Anyone carrying the newspaper could challenge Lobby Lud with the phrase and receive five pounds.

This week’s featured photograph would hardly qualify as a possible four legged version of Lobby Lud. However, the guessing the correct weight of this bullock for what were good cash prizes for June 23, 1923 would have been something a little different.

The men in this photograph taken in Thornton Square outside the Town Hall include: (left to right) G Fairburn; D Sugden; JA Booth; J Pilling; C Denham and unknown.

All the proceeds from this competition went to the local hospitals fund, another fine example of Brighouse people supporting a local charity.