The Inside the Council column with Coun Howard Blagbrough (Conservative, Brighouse)

Coun Howard Blagbrough (Conservative, Brighouse)
Coun Howard Blagbrough (Conservative, Brighouse)

I would like to start by thanking all those who have attended events organised by the Brighouse Art Festival.

This is the eighth year organisers have hosted a number of different events around Brighouse to encourage visitors to come back to the town.

Special: The Brighouse Arts Festival brings in plenty of visitors.

Special: The Brighouse Arts Festival brings in plenty of visitors.

I am delighted to be supporting one of the events this coming Saturday evening when Lesley Garrett will be performing at St Martin’s Church – this should be a good evening.

Events such as the Brighouse Arts Festival and the special events and markets now organised by The Brighouse Improvement District (previously organised by the Brighouse Business Initiative) bring large numbers of people into the town which is wonderful for business and tourism in the area.

Brighouse has a great to offer to all and I am extremely delighted with the recent announcement that the Government has allocated Brighouse £25million to help regenerate the town centre – so I would like to thank Craig Whittaker MP for his support and lobbying efforts.

I have been speaking with a number of people and groups over the last few weeks, and we have some exciting plans and ideas how this money can be invested to ensure that Brighouse continues to thrive.

For the first time in a number of years, I decided to attend the Conservative Party Conference. Like most people I am fed up of hearing only one story on the news. I realised by attending conference and hearing a number of speakers that the Government announced a number of initiatives which will deliver on people’s priorities – hospitals, schools and police to mention a few. Over the last year the Government has already delivered in terms of £196.5 million to invest in the local hospitals and ensure that care is provided closer to home in our area.

Locally, I speak with a number of concerned residents about Crime, so the announcement that there will be a crackdown on crime by giving our police more power and that criminals will serve the full sentences issued, provides us with some assurances that officials are listening to our concerns raised by residents.

The news that there will be an increase in the number of police officers is equally positive.

Like most people, I now rely on technology but equally get very frustrated when you cannot get a signal on your mobile phone or it seems to take a longer time to download something from the internet.

I was delighted the Government is announcing an investment of £5billion for gigabit broadband in the hardest to reach areas so no community is left behind.

The Brighouse Improvement District board will be encouraged by this piece of news as we were only discussing schemes at the last meeting to improve technology in the town and how difficult this is proving to be because of the location – better and faster technology will have positive impact on the local business in the area.

You will notice over the last few weeks that a large number of street lights in the area have been replaced with new LED technology which are more energy efficient and provide brighter lighting.

It can now be said that with the additional £25 million to invest in Brighouse, the future really is bright.