Inside the council: Pressure to build more homes

5 June 2015.......  Aerial shot of a housing estate near Halifax in West Yorkshire. Picture by Tony Johnson
5 June 2015....... Aerial shot of a housing estate near Halifax in West Yorkshire. Picture by Tony Johnson

Most people will be aware that the Council, along with most other local authorities in the country, are in the process of creating a Local Plan for the borough.

Once this is finalised it will be the blue print for future development across Calderdale up to 2030 and possibly beyond.

All residents, landowners and businesses are able to engage in this process. It is important that everyone who is concerned about what is built where and areas where development should or should not take place in the future put their views forward when the draft Local Plan goes out to statutory consultation later this year.

It is important also to register your details if you wish to be contacted by the Council once the ‘Draft Local Plan’ is put out for consultation. Contact Calderdale Council Strategic Planning Team for any further advice on this matter.

I am concerned that off road bikers have been going around residential roads and grassed areas on the Stoney Lane Estate and other areas such as on land behind Brighouse Town Football pitch, off Grassy Lane, Hove Edge, mainly without helmets which is dangerous for the rider.

I am grateful to the various residents on the Stoney Lane Estate who have brought this matter to my attention.

This causes a noise nuisance to many local residents and can be dangerous to pedestrians and road users. I have requested the Calderdale, Safer, Cleaner, Green team in Calderdale to co-ordinate a number of joint action days with the Police and the Council Environmental Health Officers.

The initial aim will be to provide advice to the riders, warnings where necessary and to warn them of the relevant legislation regarding noise nuisance to residents and dangers to all local residents, particularly the elderly and young children playing in the area.

If that does not solve the problem another day of action over the summer months will have to be held to clamp down more firmly in respect of this problem.

The problem parking issues are still ongoing on Victoria Road, Hipperholme.

This is causing major problems with cars, often parked for months on end on the highway, restricting access for other road users.

This matter has been referred to Calderdale Highways Department and the local police.

I am grateful for the photographs which local residents have sent me highlighting the problem which I have forwarded to the Council and the Police so that they can take action to help the parking and other ongoing issues in that area.

The Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Ward takes place at 7pm to 8.30pm on Thursday, April 14 and will be held at Lightcliffe Academy, Stoney Lane.

All residents and business owners in the ward are very welcome to attend and this is an opportunity to raise any local issues of concern which can then be investigated prior to the next meeting.

I wish to remind all Brighouse Echo Readers that the local elections to Calderdale Council take place on May 5.

Democracy is an essential and much treasured opportunity we all, as good citizens with Civic Pride for our area, should all endeavour to participate in.

People, who may be away on the May 5, if they have not already done so, may be able to register for a postal or proxy vote.