Hipperholme Grammar School: Students enjoy annual skiing trip

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This year’s ski trip began with a rather quiet bus journey down to Manchester Airport, mainly because it was at four o’clock in the morning and everybody was very tired.

We successfully boarded the plane and arrived at Lyon at about 10 o’clock.

Unfortunately, we spent a long time waiting at the airport for Mr Smith’s skis to arrive. All the rest of the luggage arrived, apart from the skis, which were still in Manchester and had to be flown in the next day.

We then got on the coach on our journey to our hotel in Les meunières. The next day we met our ski instructor Paul and began our first skiing lessons. We skiied for two hours before lunch, and two hours after lunch.

There were many spectacular falls from everyone who was skiing, especially when we tried to go over a jump, which ended with pretty much everybody falling over when they tried to land.

Every evening we did activities such as sledging, watching a movie and a crêpe night. The food at the hotel was lovely and so were all of the staff.

The week flew by and before we knew it we were back at Manchester Airport without Mr Smith’s skis again. Let’s hope he’s got them by now.

Easter egg hunt

We’d like to say a big thank you to the PTA who got our Easter celebrations off to a flying start, with a traditional Easter egg hunt for the whole junior school last week.

They transformed the woods at the bottom of the junior school playground into a magical Easter wonderland complete with bunting, signs and hanging eggs.

The children joined the Easter egg hunt one class at a time and were encouraged to work together as a team to help each other search for the chocolate treats that were hidden all over the woods.

The Easter egg hunt followed form one’s Easter assembly where parents were treated to an array of performances and songs.

Building links with Jakarta

This term we welcomed 15 Indonesian students to the school.

They had left Jakarta in 35 degree heat to land at a snowy Manchester Airport.

The students joined our own for the week improving their language skills and experiencing an English education.

At the end of the week they performed music from their country and explained about their country and culture to the whole school.

They also donated an Angkleung, a traditional Indonesian percussion instrument, to the school for pupils to use.

Great friends were made and many of the Hipperholme students are wondering when we can visit them in their country.

Following their visit to Halifax, they went on to visit both Manchester football stadia, Oxford, Cambridge and the Harry Potter Experience in London, completing their whistle-stop tour of England.