Echoes of the past: Youngsters enjoy school dance class

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This photograph will remind these three young people of the day the Echo photographer visited their school 21 years ago.

Times have changed since I was at junior school and then on to St Martin’s Secondary School in Church Lane. Unlike these three we did not have dance lessons it was very much lads did lads things and girls theirs.

I do recall one of the lads at St Martin’s in our school year wanted to take part in housecraft lessons (cooking) and one of the girls wanted to take metalwork.

Back in the early 1960s this was never heard of before certainly not at any of my schools. But I do remember both did very well.

Gradually over the years things started to change and young people were not labelled into certain jobs. But in the 60s when the career officer visited St Martin’s opportunities were very limited - For most students it was either this mill or that factory. If someone hoped to get a job in the arts I cannot imagine what the officer would have said.

Whether these three students of St Joseph’s RC School at Hove Edge seen here in June 1995 (L to R Rachel Burke, Ben Jackson, Mrs Miranda Henson and Robert McGee took their dancing lessons any further we cannot say.

Perhaps if they are still in Brighouse they can let us know.